As a leading provider of renewable gas, natural gas, and hydrogen-rich solutions, INNIO’s Jenbacher technology helps to provide communities, industry and the public access to sustainable, reliable and economical power.

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INNIO's Waukesha engines are at the forefront of the energy transition, providing reliable and compliant energy solutions for distributed gas compression and power generation applications.

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INNIO’s Waukesha mobileFLEX Engine Portfolio Improves Reliability and Lowers Emissions and Drilling Costs via Improved Controls and New Piston Design

• The Waukesha mobileFLEX engine portfolio runs on field gases, lowering operating costs by as much as 80% and reducing emissions for drilling operators and contractors.
• Waukesha mobileFLEX engines now include ESM2 with AFR2 controls for increased engine uptime, improved availability, and reduced maintenance costs
• Performance of the Waukesha mobileFLEX engine portfolio is confirmed through lab and field validations
• On-site Waukesha engines are saving costs and emissions as they power drilling rigs

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Waukesha, Wisconsin, May 16, 2023 — INNIO’s Waukesha mobileFLEX engine portfolio, comprised of engines and generator sets (gensets), now features advanced ESM2 controls and an enhanced piston to reduce the emissions and operating costs of oilfield equipment and drill rigs significantly.

A natural gas alternative to diesel units, the EPA mobile-certified Waukesha mobileFLEX engines and gensets operate on a range of field gases without derate. Waukesha mobileFLEX products are flexible in a variety of altitude and temperature applications and provide exceptional transient performance with diesel-like load capacity, handling up to 65% load steps and 100% load shed. Drilling operators and contractors will benefit from both the ability to put more power on site as well as reduced nitrogen oxides and greenhouse gas emissions.

Better performance and engine uptime with ESM2: Maximizing engine performance and uptime, the Engine System Manager (ESM2) with AFR2 controls is an easy-to-use system that allows users to see all engine parameters and trend data, as well as view manuals and service bulletins. Additionally, data analytics enhance controls and performance improvements while giving users total control – all without the need for a laptop computer.

New piston design reduces emissions: The optimized piston reduces emissions of regulated pollutants such as carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde. While the new technology reduces operating costs, support technicians will not need to retrain because of its similarity to existing components.

These improvements will exceed operator and contractor expectations. The new controls and piston enhancements have been specifically designed to deliver the level of engine performance required by drilling applications. Our vision is that operators and contractors, when using 100% natural gas, can achieve the same engine performance they’d expect from a diesel engine while saving on fuel costs and lowering emissions.

Jason Padilla, vice president of Product Management and Marketing for INNIO’s Waukesha brand.

Performance confirmed: Waukesha engines running on 100% field gas from producing wells are providing power for drilling rigs in West Virginia while offsetting 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel per day. The switch to mobileFLEX engines is estimated to cut emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter by more than 99%, carbon monoxide by 34%, and carbon dioxide by 7%. Additionally, reducing truck staff has eliminated approximately 200 diesel fuel deliveries.[1]



INNIO* is a leading energy solution and service provider that empowers industries and communities to make sustainable energy work today. With our product brands Jenbacher* and Waukesha* and our digital platform myPlant*, INNIO offers innovative solutions for the power generation and compression segments that help industries and communities generate and manage energy sustainably while navigating the fast-changing landscape of traditional and green energy sources. We are individual in scope, but global in scale. With our flexible, scalable and resilient energy solutions and services, we are enabling our customers to manage the energy transition along the energy value chain wherever they are in their transition journey.

INNIO is headquartered in Jenbach (Austria), with other primary operations in Waukesha (Wisconsin, U.S.) and Welland (Ontario, Canada). A team of more than 4,000 experts provides life-cycle support to the more than 55,000 delivered engines globally through a service network in more than 100 countries.

INNIO’s ESG rating ranks first out of more than 500 worldwide companies in the machinery industry assessed by Sustainalytics.

For more information, visit INNIO's website at Follow INNIO on Twitter and LinkedIn.


About Waukesha – an INNIO brand 

INNIO's Waukesha engines are at the forefront of the energy transition, providing reliable and compliant energy solutions for distributed gas compression and power generation applications. The brand’s rich and lean-burn engines, ranging from 335 hp to 5,000 hp, set an industry standard for low emissions, high reliability, and fuel flexibility. 
Waukesha products are continuously upgraded to help operators stay emission-compliant without sacrificing operational excellence. These upgrades include new and remanufactured engines and parts, as well as conversion and modification kits, all of which are backed by OEM warranty and more than 115 years of engine expertise. Additionally, our Waukesha digital solutions include a collaborative solution with Detechtion Technologies for gas compression applications and INNIO’s myPlant platform for power generation applications. Both solutions provide customers with enhanced monitoring and optimization capabilities, resulting in improved performance and reduced downtime. 
We connect locally with our customers to enable a rapid response to their service needs, providing enhanced support through our broad network of distributors and solution providers with parts, services, and digital offerings.  
Waukesha engines are engineered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S., and manufactured in Welland, Ontario, Canada. To learn more about the company’s products and services, please visit INNIO’s website at or follow Waukesha engines on LinkedIn


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