Our Strategy & Purpose

Our heritage is in the power generation and in the gas compression spaces. With our Waukesha and Jenbacher brands, our future is too.


A transformation is taking place in the energy sector around the globe, and INNIO is at its center.

Today´s energy customers demand affordable, reliable and sustainable solutions for day to day operations. INNIO is here to  provide exactly that, today and for the future.

With a strong portfolio, featuring the Jenbacher and Waukesha  gas engine lines, we will continue to provide power and gas compression solutions around the world. Harnessing a history of energy industry firsts with the power of digital innovation, INNIO is perfectly poised to build on the 64 GW of installed capacity and 52,000 engines we have already delivered to our customers in more than 100 countries. 

INNIO stands for innovation, inspiration, ignition...and much more. With INNIO, we call upon our rich legacy in the power and gas compression space and combine it with pioneering technology to bring our customers affordable, reliable and sustainable solutions for the future.

Together at INNIO, we are at the starting line, ready to embrace our new common purpose and deliver results like never before.



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The starting line: our new purpose

A new era of power generation and gas compression is here, and INNIO is leading the way. As an important contributor to the sustainable and greener energy solutions of today and tomorrow, we embrace the opportunities that the transformation of our industry offers. In our culture—the foundation of everything we do—we reinvent ourselves, lead through our entrepreneurial spirit, and fully live up to our social responsibility.

This powerful company purpose is designed to unite employees, customers and cultures around the globe. It makes our employees proud to come to work every day. And it reveals what we stand for as an energy solution provider—a company with whom our customers want to collaborate.



Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines work together in one common direction—supporting the global energy transformation and enabling sustainable energy into the future.


With a wide range of applications, INNIO ensures our customers’ success—wherever they are—on or off the grid, from cities to the most remote areas. We deliver high-value Jenbacher and Waukesha products and services for decentralized applications.


INNIO’s gas engines provide reliable power under the most demanding circumstances. And we continue to develop technologies that deliver greater flexibility and uptime while making our gas engines more efficient and last longer.


Integrity is the foundation of our business. It is not an option but a vital element that helps the company to run in a safe and compliant way and to maintain a best-in-class compliance reputation.

INNIO is committed to unyielding integrity and highest compliance standards in everything we do. Each INNIO employee is expected to personally set the example for integrity, to maintain a strong culture of compliance in our teams and to ensure robust processes to prevent, detect and respond to potential risks and integrity gaps. Risk assessment is a key element and an integral part of a compliant business. Beyond this, it is the responsibility of each employee to play their part.

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