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    Built to Work Longer.

    Sharing Expertise to Drive Performance

To ensure engine productivity in the most demanding of environments, Waukesha’s team of experts is standing by to help customers maximize the value of their equipment.

End users, distributors, and packagers can access Waukesha’s deep breadth of technical expertise to develop skills and knowledge needed to optimize their engine’s performance.

Waukesha’s service and support programs are designed to ensure reliability and increase operational productivity by offering direct access to:

  • reUp Remanufactured Parts and Equipment

    reUp remanufactured parts for Waukesha* engines deliver genuine OEM quality, meeting factory standards and specifications.

  • Find Solutions, Parts and Service

    Waukesha’s network of distributors, solution providers, and certified technicians enables customers to choose the right partner no matter where they are – all backed by the Waukesha commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and service excellence.

  • Waukesha Certified Technician Training

    In-person and virtual training courses are designed to make it easier for both first-time operators and experienced technicians to assimilate knowledge quickly and improve engine productivity long-term.

Waukesha's digital monitoring services through myPlant Asset Performance Management ensure top engine performance and reliability.

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Service Offerings

Built to Work
Waukesha Gas Engine Upgrades

  • VHP Extender Series Upgrade

    59Upgrades available

    VHP Extender Series Upgrade

    These upgrade packages align well with top-end and bottom-end overhauls.
  • VHP emPact Emission Control Upgrade

    59Upgrades available

    VHP emPact Emission Control Upgrade

    The system uses a special oxygen (O2) sensor specifically designed for natural gas operation and is factory-designed, tested, and calibrated to optimize the interaction between components, resulting in excellent system performance.
  • VHP Series 4  xCooled Cylinder Head

    59Upgrades available

    VHP Series Four xCooled Cylinder Head

    Offering enhanced cylinder head cooling by improving the flow of coolant to critical cylinder head components, the xCooled head has shown proven field-tested results operating at sites with high LHV fuels. The xCooled cylinder head is offered as a direct replacement for existing Series Four* GSI cylinder heads, aligning well with top-end and bottom-end overhauls.
  • Asset Performance Management for Waukesha gas engines

    59Upgrades available

    Asset Performance Management for Waukesha gas engines

    Increase performance with advanced analytics and alerts; and improve productivity by requiring fewer station visits through remote issue resolution.
  • SPARC Cylinder Head Upgrade

    59Upgrades available

    SPARC Cylinder Head Upgrade

    The new design simplifies the assembly process, ensures proper sealing between components, and utilizes longer life materials. The proven spark plug sleeve design has been implemented into new production of VHP Series Four cylinder heads, and can easily be installed on existing Series Four cylinder heads.

Built to Work


with enhanced reliability, availability and efficiency.


with extended service intervals and comprehensive engine upgrades.


with enhanced controls and performance improvements through data analytics.


At Waukesha, we’re working every day to design and build engines and programs that help power your tomorrow.


Latest News

  • Waukesha Engine Overview

    Waukesha Engine Overview

    Waukesha Engine Overview

    Waukesha’s evolving engine technologies and innovative new service capabilities bring new advantage to Oil & Gas industry customers.

  • Product Training Course Guide

    Product Training Course Guide

    Product Training Course Guide

    Certified and customized courses are available online or at locations around the world.

  • myPlant APM Solution Waukesha

    Waukesha myPlant APM Solution

    Waukesha myPlant APM Solution

    Innio’s cloud-based Asset Performance Management System allows for a greater level of insight into your engine’s performance and troubleshooting, directly from the experts.

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