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  • Built to Work Longer.

    Sharing Expertise to Drive Performance

To ensure engine productivity in the most demanding of environments, Waukesha’s team of experts is standing by to help customers maximize the value of their equipment.

End users, distributors, and packagers can access Waukesha’s deep breadth of technical expertise to develop skills and knowledge needed to optimize their engine’s performance.

Waukesha’s service and support programs are designed to ensure reliability and increase operational productivity by offering direct access to:

  • reUp Remanufactured Parts and Equipment

    reUp remanufactured parts for Waukesha* engines deliver genuine OEM quality, meeting factory standards and specifications.

  • Find Solutions, Parts and Service

    Waukesha’s network of distributors, solution providers, and certified technicians enables customers to choose the right partner no matter where they are – all backed by the Waukesha commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and service excellence.

  • Waukesha Certified Technician Training

    In-person and virtual training courses are designed to make it easier for both first-time operators and experienced technicians to assimilate knowledge quickly and improve engine productivity long-term.

Waukesha's digital monitoring services through myPlant Asset Performance Management ensure top engine performance and reliability.

Click here to Learn more on Digital monitoring services

Built to Work
Waukesha Gas Engine Upgrades

  • AT to 275GL+ Conversion Upgrade

    55Upgrades available

    AT to 275GL+ Conversion Upgrade

    And improve fuel consumption with updated controls and combustion technology of the 275GL*+
  • VHP X-Cooled Head

    55Upgrades available

    P9394GSI S4 ESM to P9394GSI S5 ESM2

    An upgrade to Series Five gives you ESM2 with a full-color touch screen display panel which allows users to see all engine parameters, trend data, view manuals/service bulletins, and walk through troubleshooting steps, eliminating the need for a laptop computer.
  • VHP Advanced Crankcase Breather System Upgrade

    55Upgrades available

    VHP Advanced Crankcase Breather System Upgrade

    Waukesha's advanced crankcase breather system utilizes a closed breather system with an advanced filter and automatic regulating valve. This upgrade maintains a slight negative pressure in the crankcase, ridding it of harmful water vapors and combustion gases helps to prevent sludge buildup, oil contamination, and oil leaks. No adjustment is needed for changes in speed or load.
  • VGF GL Lean-Burn Cylinder Head Upgrade

    55Upgrades available

    VGF GL Lean-Burn Cylinder Head Upgrade

    This robust cylinder head upgrade delivers increased reliability and uptime, significantly extending the time between top end intervals.
  • VHP Air Cleaner Upgrade

    55Upgrades available

    VHP Air Cleaner

    That provides enhanced air filter gasket sealing, simplifies air filter maintenance, and delivers better reliability in the challenging oil and gas environment.

Built to Work


with enhanced reliability, availability and efficiency.


with extended service intervals and comprehensive engine upgrades.


with enhanced controls and performance improvements through data analytics.


At Waukesha, we’re working every day to design and build engines and programs that help power your tomorrow.


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    INNIO’s cloud-based Asset Performance Management System allows for a greater level of insight into your engine’s performance and troubleshooting, directly from the experts.

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