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Waukesha Gas Engine Services

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Waukesha* gas engines, we are equipped to deliver proven outcomes. Through these engines, our business produces results—including reduced unplanned downtime, increased workforce efficiencies, and reduced operating costs. From commissioning and installation to conversions and upgrades, our global network of qualified experts provides the support you need, when you need it.

Genuine Spare Parts

To get the most out of your Waukesha gas engine and to protect your investment, use genuine parts for all planned and unplanned maintenance. Genuine spare parts are manufactured to the latest specifications and the same high standards as the original parts. Our parts are backed by a warranty that covers the parts as well as progressive damage. Learn more about the value of genuine Waukesha parts provide.

Digital (APM)

myPlant* Asset Performance Management solution increases the availability, reliability and operating performance of your Waukesha gas engines. With myPlant, powered by Predix (a local monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure) you can remotely calculate plant performance every day of operation, giving you real-time intelligence for better decision-making. Learn more about Asset Performance Management for reciprocating engines.

Upgrades (CM&U)

Our conversions, modifications, and upgrades (CM&Us) allow you to keep increasing the value of your Waukesha gas engine through its operating life. By applying the latest technology and engineering expertise, our CM&Us help you to keep pace with changing market conditions and new industry needs and challenges. From improved performance to changing emissions requirements, we have the right solution to meet your unique needs. Find and learn about available upgrades for your engine model.

Remanufactured Parts (reUp)

In addition to genuine OEM spare parts, reUp remanufactured parts for our Waukesha gas engines are genuine parts that meet our own exacting standards and specifications. Every reUp part is remanufactured to the original specifications and designed to deliver as good or better than original performance, and backed by the same robust warranty. Learn more about remanufactured Waukesha parts.



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