Type 4 B-Version Upgrade

Upgrading your Jenbacher* Type 4 A-Version gas engine to the latest B-Version technology for gas mixture distribution, combustion and knock control can offer greater uptime, reliability, and performance.

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Increase Uptime.
    Provides up to 1.5 percent more operating hours annually, based on current fleet analytics.
  • Lower lifecycle costs.
    • Improved piston ring and blow-by system  designs can lower oil consumption by up to 50 percent, reduce combustion chamber deposit formation, and decrease oil carryover to the turbocharger and intercooler.
    • Enhanced control algorithms, better mixture distribution to the cylinders, and improved piston and cylinder head designs provide increased resistance to combustion chamber deposits.
    • Advanced blow-by and air filter concepts provide extended service intervals.
  • Enhance engine performance.
    More stable engine performance can be achieved over the life of the unit under varying fuel gas and ambient conditions.
  • Additional power feed-in.
    When an output increase is feasible, up to 5 percent boost in nominal power output can be obtained.

How we get you there?

The B-version upgrade packages, available in light and full versions, include a variety of enhancements as well as optional features.

*This enhancement – introduced in the second quarter of 2010 for all Type 4 engines – completely replaced the previous piston version.

The new piston concept may have already been applied to some engines during previous minor/major overhauls.


Upgrade applicable for all Type 4 A-Versions. Units manufactured before 2005 need to be checked individually.

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Increase Power Output
  • Increase Uptime
  • Lifetime & Services Interval Extension
  • Lower Operating Costs


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