INNIO´s Spark Plugs

INNIO´s spark plugs enhance engine operation of your Jenbacher* gas enigines. With lower emissions and boosted efficiency, INNIO meets industry challenges using innovative lean burn combustion gas engine technology combined with high internal combustion pressures while our high performance spark plugs generate stable ignition energy for our gas engines.

  • INNIO Spark Plug Can
  • P611 Spark Plug - Front

We are launching our new P611 spark plugs for the type 6 and 9.



INNIO spark plugs can improve the performance of your engine!

With OEM spare parts from INNIO you enable your engine to operate at its highest level. Maintain your spark plugs correctly with our inspection and maintenance work instructions.


Why are INNIO's spark plugs the best choice for your engine?


Application specific ignition voltage and spark duration are developed to optimize performance. 


Specific cost per operating hour is lower than non-OEM spark plugs due to longer lifetime and less risk of unplanned downtime or repairs.


Over 200k spark plugs are delivered per year. The P3 and P7 spark plugs are manufactured by INNIO in Styria, Austria. And, the P518 and P603 spark plugs are the result of a co-development program.


Spark plug remaining life prediction can be enabled via INNIO's myPlant* remote monitoring and diagnosis system. 

INNIO Kapfenberg

With our own manufacturing site specialized in spark plug production in Styria, Austria, we are able to supply OEM products developed by gas engine specialists with continuous feedback from our customers. With our myPlant* Asset Performance Management technology, we are able to continuously monitor the lifetime of spark plugs and can provide reliable data on spark plugs by following INNIO's own high quality standards and processes. Find out more about INNIO's myPlant...


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