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Reciprocating Gas Engines

Always meeting your needs. The flexibility to support you –whatever your challenges, wherever they are. With power ranging from 200 kW to 10 MW, Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines can meet your needs in all kinds of applications.

11Gas Engines

  • Front View of a Jenbacher J624 Gas Engine

    Jenbacher J624

  • Front View of a Jenbacher J920 Flextra Gas Engine

    Jenbacher J920 FleXtra

  • Front View of a Jenbacher J208 Gas Engine

    Jenbacher Type 2

  • Front View of a Jenbacher J312 Gas Engine

    Jenbacher Type 3

  • Front View of a Jenbacher J420 Gas Engine

    Jenbacher Type 4

  • Front View of a Jenbacher J616 Gas Engine

    Jenbacher Type 6

  • Front View of a Waukesha 275GL Plus Gas Engine

    Waukesha 275GL+

  • Front View of a Waukesha VGF Gas Engine

    Waukesha VGF

  • Front View of a Waukesha VHP Gas Engine

    Waukesha VHP

  • Front View of a Waukesha VHP Series Five Gas Engine

    Waukesha VHP Series Five

  • Front View of a Waukesha mobileFLEX Gas Engine

    Waukesha mobileFLEX


Jenbacher gas engines

Jenbacher gas engines give you a power range of 200 kW to 10 MW with fuel flexibility to run either on natural gas or a number of other gases. They furnish onsite power, heat and cooling for a variety of commercial, industrial and municipal applications – particularly renewable and waste-to-energy, industrial power generation and cogeneration/CHP (combined heat and power), and oilfield power generation. More than 48,000 Jenbacher gas engines have been delivered in 100-plus countries.

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Waukesha gas engines

The ability to run under high stress conditions while still having the flexibility to use multiple fuels, makes Waukesha gas engines a proper solution for dependable energy. Our engines are designed to perform reliably in isolated, mission-critical, and demanding applications. Durable and flexible, Waukesha engines meet emissions compliance levels in diverse applications around the globe. And, by offering both rich -and lean-burn Waukesha reciprocating engine designs, we can help you make smart choices.

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