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The new Jenbacher* P611 spark plug

Reliable, durable and easy to handle. An OEM spare parts offer for Jenbacher Type 6 and 9 gas engines.


System optimization

INNIO´s application specific ignition voltage and spark duration are developed to optimize spark plug performance. The specific cost per operating hour is usually lower than non-OEM spark plugs due to longer lifetime and less risk of unplanned downtime or repairs.

Jenbacher expertise and “Made in Austria” quality

Hundreds of thousands of spark plugs are produced and delivered each year. Our P3 and P7 spark plugs are manufactured at INNIO’s in-house spark plug production facility in Kapfenberg, Austria.

Plan engine maintenance better with myPlant remote monitoring

In combination with myPlant*, INNIO‘s remote monitoring system, customers can accurately measure the remaining lifetime of Jenbacher spark plugs. This can improve your planning of maintenance work.

The new optimized premium P611 spark plug for Jenbacher´s type 6 and 9 gas engines

Developed by INNIO‘s gas engine experts, these spark plugs are produced in its in-house spark plug production facility, maintaining high quality standards. Contact our Jenbacher Spare Parts Specialists to order these or our other spark plugs today.

Product Details

Robust and improved ignition performance

Optimized geometry enables better temperature control and thus reduced wear of the electrode surfaces.

Uniform burn-off

Featuring extreme dimensional accuracy, the annular gap helps ensure especially uniform burn-off of the electrode surfaces.

Optimum exhaust emissions

The optimized design effectively avoids misfiring and thus enables optimum exhaust emissions.

Applicable for all type

6/9 engine versions
For 250 and 500 mg NOx/Nm³ as well as for all special gases.

Customer Benefits

Extended lifetime

Significantly longer service life with constant efficiency results in significantly less engine downtime compared to the P518.

Simplified handling

No re-gapping of the spark plug necessary.

Remote monitoring with myPlant

Enables accurate remaining lifetime predictions of your spark plugs. This allows precise planning of maintenance work.


Professional and fast technical Jenbacher after-sales support team as well as fast delivery times, if required.

Contact our Jenbacher Spare Parts Specialists today to learn more about our spark plugs and spare parts.

Jenbacher P611 - Parts Number: 1 236 099
Jenbacher P611 4er-Pack - Parts Number: 1 236 100

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