As a leading provider of renewable gas, natural gas, and hydrogen-rich solutions, INNIO’s Jenbacher technology helps to provide communities, industry and the public access to sustainable, reliable and economical power.

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INNIO's Waukesha engines are at the forefront of the energy transition, providing reliable and compliant energy solutions for distributed gas compression and power generation applications.

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INNIO to power Serbia’s first hydrogen-fueled CHP plant, delivering green electricity for EV charging

· Combined heat and power plant (CHP) will deliver 1 megawatt (MWe) of power and heat, advancing Serbia’s hydrogen strategy
· Hydrogen produced 100% from solar photovoltaics will power the Jenbacher engine
· Jenbacher engines capable to run on 100% hydrogen, 100% natural gas or mixtures of both depending on availability
· INNIO Group’s H2-Engine will be the first hydrogen engine operating in the region

  • INNIO to power Serbia’s first hydrogen-fueled CHP plant, delivering green electricity for EV charging PR - Foto

Nova Pazova, Serbia – May 10, 2023 – INNIO today announced that PAN-LEDI d.o.o. (PAN-LEDI) has selected a Jenbacher J420 engine for a 1 MWe combined heat and power project in Nova Pazova, Serbia. The contract calls for the delivery of a containerized CHP unit that will generate about 1 MWe. The electricity will be used by PAN-LEDI for their electric vehicle (EV) charging station, with excess energy injected into the grid and the engine waste heat sold to a nearby commercial customer. The CHP unit consists of a Jenbacher container and a complete heat recovery system. The Jenbacher CHP plant is expected to be delivered and commissioned in Q4 2023.

The Jenbacher CHP plant will be fueled with hydrogen produced by an electrolyzer which is powered by a solar photovoltaic (PV) plant near Cuprija. The electrolyzer is used to produce green hydrogen for interim storage before the hydrogen is transported from Cuprija to Nova Pazova. Most of the hydrogen will be produced during the summer when the output produced by solar plants is high. In times of low hydrogen supply the CHP plant will run on natural gas, to ensure the continuous provision of energy. The Jenbacher team will work with its distributor, STI d.o.o., to implement, install and service the hydrogen CHP unit.

Our H2-engines** provide the flexibility and sustainability to meet PAN-LEDI’s pioneering requirements. INNIO’s technology will deliver carbon-free electricity when hydrogen is available, while maintaining continuity of power generation when hydrogen is scarce.

Dr. Olaf Berlien, president and CEO of INNIO

Using hydrogen or natural gas to operate our combined heat and power plant is critical for our EV charging station strategy. INNIO’s Jenbacher CHP solution will provide our operation the flexibility required for a sustainable EV mobility and use hydrogen at high CHP utilization rates.

Slobodan Vujovic, CEO PAN-LEDI d.o.o.


About STI

“STI Ltd. is a family company founded in 1990 and is an authorized distributor for INNIO´s Jenbacher and Waukesha product brands.

From the very beginning, the industry has recognized STI as a reliable, ethical and professional business partner in Croatia, and over the years STI has expanded into a regional company operating  in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo which now includes many globally recognized companies as our customers.  STI is dedicated to the continuous development of knowledge and skills of our employees, who are trained and certified by INNIO and FMC to provide services whether customers are buying a new product, requesting service, or ordering and installing original spare parts.

We measure success by satisfied customers to which we provide quality service. We create value for our customers with timely delivery of information, and educate them to help make their operations efficient, thereby creating added value. STI meets the criteria of ISO 9001: 2015.”



INNIO* is a leading energy solution and service provider that empowers industries and communities to make sustainable energy work today. With our product brands Jenbacher* and Waukesha* and our digital platform myPlant*, INNIO offers innovative solutions for the power generation and compression segments that help industries and communities generate and manage energy sustainably while navigating the fast-changing landscape of traditional and green energy sources. We are individual in scope, but global in scale. With our flexible, scalable, and resilient energy solutions and services, we are enabling our customers to manage the energy transition along the energy value chain wherever they are in their transition journey.

INNIO is headquartered in Jenbach (Austria), with other primary operations in Waukesha (Wisconsin, U.S.) and Welland (Ontario, Canada). A team of more than 3,500 experts provides life-cycle support to the more than 54,000 delivered engines globally through a service network in more than 80 countries.

INNIO’s ESG Risk Rating places it number one of more than 500 worldwide companies in the machinery industry assessed by Sustainalytics. For more information, visit INNIO’s website at Follow INNIO on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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* Indicates a trademark.

** “Ready for H2” means the genset can generally be converted to 100% H2 operation in future. Details on cost and timeline of a future conversion package may vary and need to be clarified individually.

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