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The popular Jenbacher series 4 platform has been in operation for 20 years, with some 6,000 engines worldwide. These are now joined in the field by the enhanced J420, with 16 installations up and running successfully.

INNIO has developed the latest generation of the Jenbacher Type 4 to deliver some key customer benefits. Power output on the Jenbacher J420 has been increased by up to 60 kW and electrical efficiency by up to 1 percentage point. The result: a noticeable increase in yield. The new design is also 60 cm shorter, making the unit far more compact and easier to integrate thanks to a smaller footprint.

Another major plus – with a view to the future – is fuel flexibility. Type 4 units are already available with INNIO’s “Ready for H2” option and can, if required, run on up to 100% hydrogen after appropriate conversion. Last but not least, the next-generation unit is much easier to maintain, with easy access to the components on the new J420 D/E. 

See what Stefan Prankl, product management INNIO Jenbacher, has to say about the new Jenbacher J420 D/E engine:

An outstanding track record

With a total of more than 120,000 operating hours, 16 installed units of this new generation have been running successfully with selected customers since 2019 – one of them with over 20,000 operating hours – equivalent to a runtime of 2.5 years in continuous operation.

Among the earliest customers is Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen, which once again opted for an INNIO energy solution by expanding its southern heating plant with two J420s. Heiko Strittmatter, Head of Heat Supply and Power Generation at Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen, is impressed: “The Jenbacher J420 next-generation engine from INNIO will quickly establish itself, setting a new benchmark for economics and resource conservation.” He adds: “Running in CHP mode, it excels in energy efficiency – a key driver in the energy transition.”

  • Heiko Strittmatter, Head of Heat Supply and Power Generation at Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen
  • New J420 D/E in action
  • Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen
  • Heiko StrittmatterHeiko Strittmatter, Head of Heat Supply and Power Generation at Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen
  • Jenbacher J420 D/ENew J420 D/E in action
  • Stadtwerke Bad SäckingenStadtwerke Bad Säckingen

INNIO President and CEO Olaf Berlien sees this development as a major step along the steady path to a greener energy future: “We are very pleased with the successful startup phase of the new generation of our Jenbacher J420. At Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen, our next generation J420 is effectively demonstrating how the energy transition can be implemented with flexible combined heat and power solutions.”

Since the beginning of the year, the new Jenbacher J420 has been available as standard for applications in 50 Hz countries. The 60 Hz application will follow, along with implementation of the new design on the entire Jenbacher Type 4 platform. The story goes on.

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