As a leading provider of renewable gas, natural gas, and hydrogen-rich solutions, INNIO’s Jenbacher technology helps to provide communities, industry and the public access to sustainable, reliable and economical power.

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INNIO's Waukesha engines are at the forefront of the energy transition, providing reliable and compliant energy solutions for distributed gas compression and power generation applications.

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EPA names INNIO’s Waukesha brand a member of its distinguished Natural Gas STAR Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized INNIO’s commitment to methane reduction, approving the Waukesha brand as a member of the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program. As the lone natural gas engine manufacturer in the program, INNIO joins a distinguished group of businesses that facilitate methane emission reduction technologies and activities.

  • EPA names INNIO’s Waukesha brand a member of its distinguished Natural Gas STAR Program

Membership is another proof point of INNIO‘s commitment to enabling the green energy transition by providing energy solutions and services that accelerate a cleaner tomorrow.

> 90%

methane emission reduction with rich-burn technology


The EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program offers a platform for equipment and service providers to form cross-functional teams with other member companies to implement and voluntarily document methane reduction activities, creating a permanent record of accomplishments in reducing methane emissions.

By joining the Natural Gas STAR Program, INNIO is underlining our commitment to implement methane-reducing technologies and practices that support carbon reduction. Today, our rich-burn Waukesha technology enables a more than 90% methane emission reduction compared to other technologies. As the only natural gas engine manufacturer in the Natural Gas STAR Program, we look forward to sharing our current and future initiatives to reduce methane emissions.

Bud Hittie, president & CEO of Waukesha Gas Engines Inc. and leader of the Waukesha product brand

By joining the program, INNIO will have the opportunity to educate and collaborate with Natural Gas STAR Partners on the benefits of using rich-burn engine technology to reduce methane emissions in their day-to-day gas compression operations. Information and technology sharing are facilitated through workshops and other web-based communications to build a strong network with industry peers to stay current on industry trends, initiatives, and the latest technologies.

The program also helps members communicate product and technology achievements to shareholders, customers, the public, and employees through articles, industry journals, technical studies, and fact sheets. Representation from management, EH&S, engineering, supply chain, project planning, and Natural Gas STAR principles are engaged to reach even wider audiences.

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