As a leading provider of renewable gas, natural gas, and hydrogen-rich solutions, INNIO’s Jenbacher technology helps to provide communities, industry and the public access to sustainable, reliable and economical power.

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INNIO's Waukesha engines are at the forefront of the energy transition, providing reliable and compliant energy solutions for distributed gas compression and power generation applications.

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2022 Sustainability Report showcases INNIO's continuous progress toward ESG goals

Demonstrating the progress made since first establishing baseline sustainability goals, INNIO has published its Sustainability Report for 2022, Making progress together. The third in the company's annual cycle of non-financial disclosures, the report showcases sustainable initiatives, projects, and corresponding metrics while also detailing INNIO's strong financial performance in 2022, its increased factory output, and its workforce expansion.

  • ESG Report 2022 Cover

I am very proud of the teams for the achievements we made in 2022 around reduced energy intensity, increased share of renewables in our operations, increased gender diversity, and robust ESG practices. Results from the hard work and commitment of our employees worldwide are evident in our progress.

Dr. Olaf Berlien, president and CEO of INNIO

Since the first edition of the report, published in 2020, INNIO has systematically worked to meet its sustainability targets. This report’s “Progress and Performance” section, as well as its KPI tables, lays out how the collaborative approach is enabling the energy transition and decarbonization. INNIO set out ambitious sustainability targets in three strategic focus areas where it sees the most material impacts and opportunities for improvement. The report demonstrates INNIO’s progress across all three clearly defined sustainability pillars:

Low Carbon and Circular Products

enabling customers in the process of decarbonizing energy and enhancing opportunities in responsible use of resources through reclaiming, remanufacturing, and reuse of products.

Resilient Supply Chain and Manufacturing

decarbonizing INNIO's own operations and value chains enhancing opportunities in smart energy management, efficiency of processes, and investment in climate-neutral energy sources such as green hydrogen.

Responsible Operations and Social Responsibility

using INNIO's compass in strengthening collaboration with societies, growing a diverse and inclusive workspace, and maintaining high health and safety standards as well as a culture of good governance, business ethics, and transparency.


Because INNIO views procurement operations as the gateway to its value chain, the company dedicated a section of the 2022 Sustainability Report to sustainable procurement activities, initiatives, policies, and programs as well as collaboration with suppliers. The company’s goal is to further build a transparent, resilient, and near-zero emissions value chain.

The purpose of our ESG disclosure goes far beyond simply meeting reporting standards. It is an instrumental communication platform and tool to building stakeholder engagement in a transparent and structured way. In Making progress together, we transparently describe the status of our ESG journey as well as our goals and ambitions and, most importantly, demonstrate the progress we made and the challenges we resolved to continue to reach our sustainability goals.

Marcin Kawa, VP Group Sustainability at INNIO

About INNIO’s 2022 Sustainability Report

This non-financial disclosure is a comprehensive overview of INNIO Group Holding GmbH’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. INNIO has followed the well-recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) structure to outline and communicate on their progress. In doing so, INNIO aims to provide our stakeholders with information in a structured, standardized, and transparent format. This Sustainability Report has been externally assured. KPMG Austria GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungs und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft has performed an independent limited assurance engagement on the combined consolidated non-financial report (“NFI report”) for the financial year 2022. INNIO continues to be top-rated by both EcoVadis (Platinum medal) and Sustainalytics (rated number 1 in our industry). For more information, access INNIO’s Sustainability Report 2022 here.

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