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Decentralized power solutions.

Microgrids are electricity distribution systems containing loads and distributed energy resources (such as distributed generators, storage devices, or controllable loads) that can be operated in a controlled, coordinated way either while connected to the main power network or while islanded. They are located within a clearly defined electrical boundary and can also include thermal loads and resources.

Microgrids are decentralized power solutions that produce energy and supply it to the local consumers. Such microgrids can operate both in parallel with external centralized grids (macrogrids) and in an isolated (island) mode. In some cases, microgrids can transfer surplus of electricity to the macrogrids.

Development of local microgrids, in addition to improving the reliability of power supply, also allows to reduce carbon footprint, and often lower the cost of consumed energy.

Common major drivers for creating local microgrids are:

  • need to improve the reliability of power supply or;
  • desire to get away from expensive centralized energy sources, especially during peak consumption hours or;
  • need to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the company / community through use of cogeneration as a more efficient way of generating energy compared to centralized sources or;
  • possibility of combining traditional local cogeneration using gaseous fuels with renewable energy sources (e.g. hydrogen, biogas, fuel cells, sun, wind, etc.).

When reliable power supply is key

Gas engine solutions are especially relevant if your microgrid supplies energy where uninterrupted power is critical (for example – hospitals, data centers, process industries, etc.). Jenbacher gas engines ramp up to full power output in just a few minutes, providing your microgrid with necessary power, when it is needed. At the same time, Jenbacher gas engines are more environmentally friendly than diesel engines, because they have lower emissions. Therefore, gas engines are actively used in microgrids due to increasing environmental requirements.

Optimize your energy expenses wisely

Many grid clusters in the North American continent have dynamic electricity price levels, and of course there are certain seasons of the year and hours of the day when the cost of centralized energy peaks. In many cases, these spikes seriously increase the operating costs for microgrid consumers. The use of onsite power generation, and especially usage of gas engines in microgrids, allows stabilizing and better prediction for energy-related costs.

Since Jenbacher engines run on gaseous fuels, they can dynamically start up when needed to produce energy during peak hours. In many cases, compared to the industrial gas turbines, reciprocating gas engines are less sensitive to frequent starts and stops. As a result, the client gets the necessary maneuverability to operate in “peak-shaving” mode.

Flexibility at hand

Jenbacher can work on new microgrid projects or projects dedicated to modernizing existing microgrids. In existing microgrids, electricity or heat generating equipment might be already installed. It could be an existing gas power plant, or renewable energy power plant (solar, wind, fuel-cell) or it could be a boiler house.

Flexibility is the key for integration purposes, and therefore Jenbacher solutions can be supplied as modules for installation inside a building or as ready-to-use cogeneration module in a container. In this way, Jenbacher engine solutions can be effectively integrated into the existing electricity and heat generation infrastructure. Moreover, containerized solution allows to shorten the time to a Commercial Operation Date if it is necessary.

Jenbacher gas engines can be synchronized with both local power generation equipment and external grid. An engine’s heat exchangers can be integrated into the existing thermal infrastructure of the microgrid to increase the overall efficiency or to achieve production targets if necessary.

Jenbacher modules are presented in a voltage ranging from 480V to 13.8kV allowing you to select the required voltage depending on your microgrid requirements, internal consumers, and external grid characteristics.

Power plants based on Jenbacher engines can be equipped with a master-synchronization system that allows the engines to synchronize with each other and with an external grid. In addition to that, power plants can be equipped with a master-control system that allows you to adjust the operating parameters of the engines and set a certain load profile if needed.

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INNIO’s regional experts can help you figure out the Jenbacher solution that best meets your needs. With a free consultation, you can:

  • Explore the advantages of onsite power generation solutions for your company
  • Discover how to use economic modeling for added financial benefit
  • Get answers on the technical aspects of your project—including fuel types, feasibility studies, and equipment and balance of plant selection
  • Learn how to take advantage of regional incentive programs
  • Review the delivery options for your project: purchasing, financing, leasing, and engaging a service provider, such as ESCO or BOO
  • Find out how to meet emissions targets

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