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As data center energy usage continues to grow, so does the push for wind, solar, and other renewable electricity generation—along with a corresponding need for resources that can help balance instability in the electric grid.

Industry Data Centers

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With significantly lower emissions and the option of longer run times—compared to standby diesel-fueled generators—INNIO’s 3 MW J620 fast-start natural gas generators can deliver electricity when and where data center operators need it.

In addition, fast¬start, natural gas generators give data center operators the opportunity to produce highly efficient and cost effective energy while providing benefits to the electric grid. For instance, natural gas generators can allow for participation in demand response, curtailable tariffs and emergency standby activities, avoiding coincident peak charges.

It’s no wonder, then, that INNIO’s J620 natural gas generators are gaining traction with data center and grid operators around the globe. In fact, INNIO has already delivered many of our easy-to-install, containerized, and integrated J620 package solutions worldwide.

Customer Benefits

  • Fast-start capability
    • A full 3 MW of electric load is achieved in less than 45 seconds
    • Fast transient response helps maintain electricity quality for pure emergency back-up
  • High reliability
    • Built-in storage from the highly reliable natural gas grid avoids the risks of limited run times and generator refueling
    • For critical reliability, natural gas generators are less likely than diesel generators to fail during a power outage
  • Lower emissions (compared to diesel solutions)
    • Reduces NOx emissions by 80% to 90% (or more with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technology), 25% for CO2, and negligible SO2 and particulates
    • Delivers the flexibility of longer run times
  • Enhanced revenue opportunity
    • Has the potential to significantly reduce opex costs while monetizing stranded assets
  • Containerized solution
    • The containerized, integrated gas generator package is delivered directly to the data center
    • Modular, scalable, and easy to install

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