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Waukesha, United States

One of INNIO’s primary operations.
Home of INNIO’s fuel-flexible Waukesha gas engines.

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INNIO location Waukesha

One of INNIO’s primary operations is in Waukesha, WI. INNIO’s fuel-flexible Waukesha gas engines are built for reliable gas compression in isolated, mission-critical and demanding applications—gathering, processing and transmitting as much gas as possible in a timely and environmentally sustainable way, even under high-stress conditions.

As a primary operation for INNIO’s Waukesha gas engines business unit, Waukesha is helping to meet the needs of the rapidly growing global gas compression industry. That is why employees are constantly innovating, pushing the boundaries of rich-burn engine performance to help meet customers’ compression needs in the most complex parts of the oil and gas industry—the midstream segment. 

Hiring Continues

INNIO’s Waukesha gas engines business unit continues to hire in Waukesha. The region provides a variety of recreational opportunities and an excellent quality of life.

It’s a Way of Life

As an international company, we take our responsibility to society seriously. Active in our community, we encourage employees to volunteer in their local communities. Our health initiatives, designed to support and motivate employees to live healthier lives, include sporting activities, healthy nutrition and healthier bodies.


1101 W St Paul Ave
53188 Waukesha, WI
United States

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