Jenbach, Austria

Home of Jenbacher Gas Engines: INNIO's headquarter in Jenbach, Austria. 65,000-square-meter facility, more than 1,600 employees.

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INNIO location Jenbach

INNIO is headquartered in Jenbach, Austria, which also is the production center for our Jenbacher gas engines. The 65,000-square-meter facility employs more than 1,600 people, and its manufacturing data network connects more than 110 production facilities and 350 devices. Our award-winning facility is a leader in the areas of environmental sustainability, apprenticeship training, occupational training, and energy footprint.

INNIO’s Jenbacher gas engines business unit has supplied innovative Jenbacher gas engines to Europe, America, Asia, South Africa, and South America. Worldwide, roughly 20,000 of our Jenbacher gas engines are in use, producing nearly 28 GW of overall power output.

INNIO Apprenticeships in Jenbach

To meet the need for highly skilled staff, INNIO’s Jenbach facility has a very active apprentice training program, which runs for three to four years. Professional workers are in extremely high demand, and the future prospects in technical fields are very promising. Such jobs are well compensated and offer excellent opportunities for advancement.

Our nearly 1,200-square-meter apprenticeship workshop, which features training rooms, modern CNC machining centers, a water-jet cutting machine, a robotics system, an in-house electronics lab, a changing room, a cafeteria, and a break room, is an excellent environment for learning in addition to being a space for actual production.

It’s a Way of Life

Want to work in an area where most people go on holiday? INNIO’s headquarters are at the center of the Alps, in the Austrian state of Tyrol—a region that provides a variety of recreational opportunities and an excellent quality of life. Tyrol provides a unique mix of nature in an urban environment and a spectacular backdrop to our INNIO facilities.

As an international company, we take our responsibility to society seriously. Active in our community, we encourage employees to volunteer in their local communities as well. Our volunteer and women’s networks work toward personal career development and increased business growth. Our health initiatives, designed to support and motivate employees to live healthier lives, include sporting activities, healthy nutrition and healthier bodies.

INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG Achenseestrasse 1-3
6200 Jenbach


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