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At INNIO, we recognize that the growth of global economies and the industrialization that has accompanied this growth are directly impacting the future of our planet.

We agree with the goals of Paris Agreement-to tackle down the threat of climate change and limit the temperature increase to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels by mid-century. That’s why we took important steps in 2020 to address INNIO’s sustainability strategy, diving into the material issues we identified as the touchpoints to our customers and stakeholders.

Our society faces unprecedented economic, environmental, social, and cultural challenges, and we are convinced that sustainability is the key to transforming these challenges into opportunities. Our sustainability strategy recognizes INNIO’s social and environmental responsibility. We must act on this responsibility.


we make
a difference

Along with our distributors and suppliers, INNIO is working to help ensure uninterrupted access to the products and services that our global customers rely on to support society during these demanding times. The recent COVID-19 global pandemic presented new challenges around the world, and INNIO was designated by many governments as “essential” because our products, parts and services support key infrastructure in the supply of natural gas and electrical energy.


we strive for a
carbon-neutral world

INNIO Group is a leading provider of renewable gas, natural gas, and hydrogen-based solutions and services for power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. INNIO has a long history in the energy engineering sector and, since the end of 2018, has been operating independently as a privately owned enterprise. With our Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines, INNIO helps provide communities, industry, and the public with access to sustainable, reliable and economical power ranging from 200 kW to 10 MW.


we conduct our business
with ethics

At INNIO, we believe that strong and transparent governance are key enablers to the creation of long-term value and sustainable growth for our shareholders, employees and products. As a privately owned company, INNIO is governed by a Board of Directors, led by our President and CEO. The board is composed of C-level executives covering key areas of the business such as Finance, Sales and Services, Operations, Engineering, Human Capital, and Legal & Compliance.


we achieve
our goals

INNIO undertook our first materiality analysis in 2021, and we plan to undergo this formal process in the future, in response to the changing environment. The materiality analysis methodology will help us refine and assess the various ESG topics related to the business and our stakeholders, both now and in the near future. The topics identified from the materiality assessment flow into our ESG reporting, ESG strategy and Bold Sustainability Goals.


we provide sustainable
energy solutions

INNIO’s products are well suited to address the global regulatory trend of emissions reductions through renewables. Gas engines offer modular power and compression solutions with fuel flexibility, fast start capability and low emissions, making them an excellent and reliable product for grid balancing and compression. With the energy transition progressing toward a goal of climate neutrality by 2050 in Europe and by 2060 in China, reliance on fossil fuels is waning.


we protect the

Our goal — always — is to reduce primary energy usage. While we comply with applicable laws, ordinances, guidelines, and standards, we strive to go beyond with a primary focus on energy recycling, energy storage and increased energy efficiency. We are thoughtful in our own use of raw materials and resources and continuously improve our production processes while aiming to create even more efficient products.


we live

INNIO’s performance depends substantially on the commitment and engagement of each individual employee. A core value of our company is that we all must collaborate and engage to succeed. Individual knowledge and personal abilities are applied to benefit the company’s overall performance. Together as a team, we consistently pursue our goals. Professional standards and ethics are the norm in our day-to-day business and are embedded in our Code of Conduct.


we support future

As an international company, INNIO recognizes that communities play a vital role in our success. At INNIO, thoughtfulness and mutual support are core values that lead us to take our responsibility toward society seriously, ensuring that we build stronger communities and provide unwavering support through our diversity and inclusion efforts. INNIO is committed to environmental and social improvement, ensuring that our activities address community challenges.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Sustainability plays an important role for the INNIO Group, and for our stakeholders, including our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has established standards designed to help companies identify, measure and manage a set of sustainability-related issues that most directly impact long-term enterprise value creation, which is decision-useful to investors.

This first-ever disclosure by INNIO to the SASB relates to two specific standards within the “Resource Transformation” sector that are most relevant to our business: “Electrical and Electronic Equipment” and “Industrial Machinery and Goods.”

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Disclosure

Prepared in accordance with the Core option of the GRI Standards, this 2020 INNIO Group Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index presents an inventory of the sustainability considerations used in INNIO’s corporate practices.

The information provided in this report covers approximately 90% of INNIO’s business operations.

This GRI Index covers activities carried out during the 2020 fiscal year and includes links to additional highlights of our sustainability work as well as disclosure of nonfinancial issues found in INNIO’s Sustainability Report.

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