Technical Details of Type 4 for H2

Ready for 100% H2
The Type 4 engine is available for operation on up to 100% hydrogen
(as a pre-serial engine).

Jenbacher Type 4 engines H2


Engine types

Electrical output

Thermal output


50 Hz

60 Hz

50 Hz
kW therm.

60 Hz
kW therm.


NOx < 100 mg/Nm3
@ 5% O2

(NOx < 0.3 g/

J412 531 528 630 674
J416 710 707 838 899  
J420 889 890 1,049 1,124  


INNO Jenbacher already has one engine type that can run on 100% hydrogen, and as of 2022 Jenbacher gas engines are offered with the option to operate on H2 quantities of up to 25% (vol) added to the pipeline gas.

For future conversions from natural gas to hydrogen operation, customers will benefit from the engineering and design work INNIO has already completed.

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