First H2 engine in industrial scale

HanseWerk Natur in Hamburg-Othmarschen, Germany is demonstrating a gas engine that can run on 100% natural gas as well as 100% hydrogen (H2)—and any natural gas/H2 mixture in between. An E.ON company, HanseWerk Natur operates several decentralized gas engine combined heat and power (CHP) plants in the Hamburg area—an area that can become a hydrogen role model in Germany.

J416 first H2 engine in industrial scale


Natural gas operation
(main operation mode)

H2 operation

Electrical Output 999 kW >600 kW
Electrical Efficiency ~42% ~40%
Total CHP efficiency ~93.5% ~93%


For this pilot project, INNIO Jenbacher demonstrated the field conversion from natural gas to hydrogen of the first megawatt-scale gas engine. The Jenbacher J416 gas engine was designed and enhanced for high total CHP efficiency running on natural gas with a Methane Number greater than 80.

Still optimized for

100% natural gas operation,

the converted Jenbacher J416 gas engine has the following enabling technology blocks for 100% H2 operation or operation running on any natural gas/H2 mixture:

  • A port injection for H2 fuel (required H2 pressure ~8 barg)
  • A cylinder selective combustion control
  • A wastegate for the turbo charger

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