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VHP Series 2 GL to Series Four LT conversions

Reduce operating cost and improve uptime with the INNIO's VHP* Series 2 GL to Series Four* LT conversion kit.

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Up to 19% higher gas flow and up to $150,000 in increased revenue annually1
  • Up to 20% longer time between top-end overhauls
  • Save up to $160,000 over the course of two bottom end overhaul intervals (96,000 hours) with reduced lifecycle costs, including up to 20% increased overhaul extension
  • More power at higher altitude - 5794LT derate starts above 5000’ vs. 1500’ for the 5790GL.
  • More power with hotter fuels - 5794LT full power down to 55 WKI vs. 72 WKI for the 5790GL.

1 Assumes $0.25/mmBtu fee, 10 mmscfd for L5794LT, and that hp scales with flow.

VHP Series 2 GL to Series 4 LT conversions - 1

How we get you there?

Kit includes:

  • Series Four cylinder head kit
    Flex-head valve technology, SPARC system, oil header.
  • Power cylinder conversion
    Includes pistons, rings, liners, and other components.
  • Power Boost
    A power upgrade option offering up to 165 bhp.

VHP Series 2 GL to Series 4 LT conversions - 2 cylinder

Series 2 to Series Four GL to LT:


Stage III

Stage IV

New Series Four Cylinder Heads
Head Components
Oil Header
New Piston
Advanced breather
Connecting Rods  

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Availability
  • Life
  • Output


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