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VHP LT to GSI Conversion

By choosing a rich-burn conversion solution during your next Waukesha* engine overhaul, you can not only reduce your engine's emissions, but also increase uptime and improve operational flexibility.

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Reduce oil consumption by up to 55%.
  • Up to 95% lowered emissions without lowered performance—site up to 90% more horsepower with a LT to GSI conversion2
  • ESM* engine system manager with emPact control solution maintains emissions in specified range with little to no operator intervention, using only 3% of the tuning time of other systems3
  • Wider full torque turndown range available: 750 rpm minimum for L5794GSI vs. 1000 rpm minimum for L5794LT
  • Improved altitude performance with no derate up to 8,000 feet at 100F for L5794GSI4

2 Assumes 0.3g/bhp-hr CO and NOx emissions reduction from from 3 to 0.15 g/bhp-hr at Title V limited sites.
3 Assumes 15 minute (if necessary) adjustment period for emPact vs. 8 hours for legacy AFR controls.
Compared to 5,000 feet for L5794LT.

VHP LT to GSI Conversion 2

How we get you there?

Kit includes:

  • Series Four* cylinder head kit
    Flex-head valve technology, SPARC system, oil header.
  • Power cylinder conversion
    Includes pistons, rings, liners, and other components.
  • Air system conversion
    Includes turbocharger, wastegate, advanced breather, and other components.
  • Controls upgrades
    Includes ESM/ESM calibration, AFR2 air-fuel ratio system, and other components.

Waukesha Power Cylinder VHP LT to GSI Conversion Waukesha_Series 4 Cylinder Head_300x300

LT to GSI:



Stage III / Stage III Plus¹

Series Four Cylinder Head Rebuild Kits / reUp heads
New Piston
Advanced breather

¹ Requires increasing cylinder bore

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Availability
  • Emissions
  • Flexibility


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