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VGF GL to GSI Conversion

Take on the toughest fuels, reduce emissions and increase profitability by converting your engine from lean burn combustion to rich burn.

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Operate your engine almost anywhere in the world with its decreased emissions through the use of a three-way catalyst.
  • Increased fuel tolerance provides more power on hot fuels and better availability during changes in fuel quality.
  • Better availability through ambient temperature changes keeps your engine running.
  • More power at high altitudes with a favorable derate curve.
  • Save money with improved lifecycle costs (excluding fuel).

VGF GL to GSI Conversion - chart

How we get you there?

 The Kit includes:

  • Cylinder head assemblies
  • Turbo and wastegates
  • Power cylinders
  • Damper
  • Complete gasket kit
  • Main bearing set
  • Harness upgrade
  • JW pump repair kit
  • Water pump repair kit
  • And is applicable for VGF - F18GL and H24GL

VGF GL to GSI Conversion - 2

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Emissions
  • Flexibility


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