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reUp Engines & Parts

Extending the Life and Value of your Engine!!

An engine is only as good as the parts inside it. And when your gas engine’s core parts are not in proper working order, engine efficiency declines—as can your overall profits. To increase performance, our reUp remanufactured parts program delivers genuine Waukesha Gas Engine parts that meet exact standards and specifications at a fraction of the cost of new parts.

  • Innio Waukesha Reup

Together, these programs are designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your entire fleet, whether you’re leveraging genuine OEM remanufactured parts, or replacing your engine with a newer model through our comprehensive core exchange program.

  • reUp Engines

    Our core exchange program allows our customers to return core Series Two engines to exchange them for like-new Series Four and Five engines. These engines are disassembled, cleaned, and inspected using state-of-the-art technology and assembling like-new engines backed by Waukesha’s rigorous testing and best-in-class warranty.

  • reUp Parts

    Through our reUp parts exchange program, we offer genuine remanufactured OEM engine parts that help operators keep engines running optimally, including cylinder heads, water pumps, lube oil pumps, connecting rods, turbochargers and more for Waukesha Gas Engines.

reUp Process







Machining & Material Deposition

Machining & Material Deposition





Painting/ Preserving

Painting/ Preserving

reUp vs non-OEM - Head Example

  • reUp


    • All non-casting components replaced with new OEM parts


    • Unit exchange rather than repair & return
    • Returned core is visually inspected w/no disassembly or measurements - OEM responsible for fallout in manufacturing process
    • Partical core credit for non-OEM and narrow bridge castings


    • Standard Waukesha Warranty: 1 year date of service, 2 year date of sale, covers progressive damage
  • Non-OEM


    • 3rd party parts


    • Customer charged for end of life parts fallout
    • No partial core credit for non-OEM and narrow bridge castings


    • 90 days or rather

Customers approaching an overhaul or service event can upgrade their engine to the latest technology to maximize their engine performance. Upgrades and remanufactured parts allow operators to improve reliability, reduce operating costs, and add horsepower to an existing site without exceeding existing emissions permits.

Quality & Reliability Best Technology Core Return Policy Core Eligibility Period Logistics Warranty Network of Channel partners
Components restored to same as new specifications Components upgraded to latest technology available Unit exchange with visual inspection & no charges for part fallout Cores are eligible for return for 1 year reUp web portal used to track core eligibility & core return transportation included Same as new part & includes progressive damage Make distributors/packagers more efficient w/ less suppliers & w/o having to manage their own reman production

Other Services and Support

  • Waukesha Engine Upgrades

    In-person and virtual training courses and programs are designed to make it easier for both first-time operators and experienced technicians to assimilate knowledge quickly and improve engine productivity long-term.

  • reUp Remanfactured Engines & Parts

    To increase performance, reUp remanufactured core parts program for Jenbacher* and Waukesha* gas engines delivers genuine OEM parts that meet exacting standards and specifictions at a fraction of the cost of new core parts.

  • Find Solutions, Parts, and Service

    Waukesha’s growing network of distributors, packagers and technicians provide end users with the freedom to choose the right partner to service equipment and provide ongoing support – all backed by Waukesha Engine’s commitment to service and support.

  • Instructor-Led Training

    In-person and virtual training courses and programs are designed to make it easier for both first-time operators and experienced technicians to assimilate knowledge quickly and improve engine productivity long-term.

Built to Work


with enhanced reliability, availability and efficiency.


with extended service intervals and comprehensive engine upgrades.


with enhanced controls and performance improvements through data analytics.


At Waukesha, we’re working every day to design and build engines and programs that help power your tomorrow.



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