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Waukesha Genuine Spare Parts

To get the most out of your Waukesha* gas engine and to protect your investment, use genuine spare parts for all planned and unplanned maintenance. Our spare parts are manufactured to the latest specifications and meet the same high standards as the original parts. They are backed by a warranty that covers the parts as well as progressive damage.

  • Waukesha Service - Genuine Spare Parts

When you need a spare part, you need it immediately. That’s why we offer a large inventory of spare parts, and our service team has the comprehensive knowledge to ensure you get the right parts for your Waukesha gas engine.

In addition to genuine OEM spare parts, the reUp remanufactured parts for our Waukesha gas engines are genuine parts that meet our exacting standards and specifications. Every reUp part is remanufactured to the original specifications and designed to deliver as good or better than original performance, and backed by the same robust warranty.

At your next service interval, ensure a lifetime of service for your Waukesha gas engine with genuine spare parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Looking for spare parts? Click to purchase genuine OEM spare parts from your local distributor.

Advantages of Waukesha Genuine Parts



  • Each cylinder head uses the latest design specifications, incorporating technology that can improve engine performance, uptime, and availability.
  • Waukesha's in-house research and development experts continuously enhance our spare parts design and performance features.
  • Your Waukesha gas engine will benefit from our employees’ long-term experience, while you have the confidence that we’ll choose the right parts for your engine.


  • We provide holistic and systematic engineering expertise when we manufacture Waukesha gas engine spare parts. And it’s backed up by our standard warranty covering progressive damage.


  • Strict quality controls help ensure the performance, reliability, and durability of our spare parts.


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