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Type 6 Precombustion and Spark Plug Sleeves

Upgrading your Jenbacher Type 6 gas engine to the latest pre-combustion chambers and spark plug sleeves can offer greater value through up-to-2.5-times longer life spark plug sleeves and reduce your spare parts costs.

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Greater value.
    Up-to-2.5-times longer product life of the spark plug sleeves.
  • Reduced spare parts costs over the engine lifespan resulting in up to 35 percent lower specific costs per year.
  • Longer life of pre-combustion chamber.
  • Simple and efficient maintenance.

How we get you there?

The upgrade to the latest pre-combustion chamber and spark plug sleeves can be applied at anytime and includes an engine retrofit with latest developed spark plug sleeves, O-rings and pre-combustion chambers.

Main components:

  • Pre-combustion chamber
  • Spark plug sleeves
  • Sealing rings
  • O-rings
  • OEM documentation update


Upgrade applicable to all Type 6 E/F/G/H Versions.

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Increase Uptime
  • Lifetime & Services Interval Extension
  • Lower Operating Costs


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