Type 3 Blow-By System Upgrade

Upgrading the blow-by system of your Jenbacher* Type 3 gas engine to the latest version can offer extended maintenance intervals and avoid performance loss.

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Extended service intervals.
    Through an optimized filter material composition and increased ilter surface. 
  • Increased uptime.
    Due to extended service intervals avoidance of engine maintenance.
  • Avoid performance loss caused by intake system, turbocharger and combustion chamber contamination.

How we get you there?

The upgrade to a new blow-by system can be applied anytime - ideally during a scheduled service and includes engine retrofit with latest crankcase ventilation system design.

Typical engine upgrade scope:

  • Blow-By system retrofit
  • Gas mixer housing modification or exchange
  • OEM documentation update


Upgrade applicable for all Type 3 C-Versions.

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Increase Uptime
  • Lifetime & Services Interval Extension
  • Lower Operating Costs

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