Oxidation Catalyst Retrofit

The oxidation catalytic converter complies to local emissions regulations regarding CO and Formaldehyde.

What can this upgrade do for you?

This package helps you meet the latest regulations, including LAI-Bund/Länder- Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Immissionsschutz LAI resolution formaldehyde requirements as low as 20 mg/Nm³ at 5% O -dry (in Germany) and formaldehyde incentive.

  • Complete OEM solution. Thorough plant review to help ensure that the upgrade implementation meets the latest Formaldehyde and CO emission requirements (“upgrade vs. shorter catalyst exchange interval). 
  • Improved flow. Enhanced flow capability for longer catalyst life.
  • High flexible configurations. Due to our own design we have further possibilities to adapt the installation position based on your specific requirements.
  • High efficiency. Low-pressure drop design curbs power deratings which can occur in higher ambient temperature environments.
  • Reduced installation efforts. Thanks to the compact system dimensions and the use of existing components, the upgrade package requires minor modifications to the system. This leads to a reduced installation effort.
  • Service agreement coverage. Your new or existing maintenance agreements can be extended to include the oxidation catalyst upgrade package.

How we get you there?

Based on your specific power plant design, the upgrade package is available in a basic configuration or with additional add-on options as required.

Basic package:

  • Comprehensive design review to determine your plant’s ability to mount additional catalyst material, as well as to evaluate pressure drop, flow, and engine full load capability related to the engine control’s reserve.
  • Improved oxidation catalyst material for longer part life (design product lifecycle up to 16,000 operating hours)
  • Mounting materials as required. These may include:
    • Flow strainers and sealing materials
    • Catalyst chamber and silencer mounting materials, such as gaskets and screws
  • Commissioning
  • Updated OEM documentation

Add-on options and further details are available in the product sheet.

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Emissions Reduction


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