Exhaust Deflagration Upgrade

This upgrade for INNIO* Jenbacher* Type 6 gas engines helps improve safety by reducing the occurrence of exhaust deflagration events. The upgrade includes an e-update to our DIA.NE* control system as well as the use of mechanical safety devices.

What can this upgrade do for you?

Improved safety

  • Helps reduce deflagration events, resulting in a better engine room environment

Fewer Prior1 shutdowns

  • With the alarm logic change, previous Prior1*** shutdowns now are Prior2**.

Simple e-update

  • The new alarm logic is supported through an e-update to the existing DIA.NE* control system

Fully validated

  • Upgraded OEM components are lab and field validated for optimal engine performance
  • All upgrade implementations are fully tested and validated
  • Strict quality controls help ensure a high standard of reliability, durability, and safety

How we get you there?

New e-updated alarm logic:

  • Keeps the generator circuit breaker closed longer so more gas is burned at Prior2 alarm
  • Keeps the ignition operative until the engine is at a standstill
  • Avoids the release of unburned gas into the exhaust track

What is included:

  • Safety relay (TÜV certified)
  • Safety devices (fuses)
  • E-update (includes wiring diagram and software update)


The Exhaust Deflagration Upgrade is available for all Jenbacher J612, J616, and J620 gas engines manufactured prior to 2010 that meet the following conditions:

  • With DIA.NE XT controller or newer (not possible on DIA.NE Blue)
  • AND commissioned before June 2010
  • OR with design number lower than G

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

  • Enhance Operational Flexibility

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