Emissions Monitoring Package with myPlant integration

INNIO* Jenbacher* helps you simplify compliance with your country’s emissions regulations. Integrating our latest continuous emissions monitoring package with our myPlant* Asset Performance Management (APM) solution delivers significant advantages that help you gain additional visibility to your environmental footprint.
Emissions Monitoring Package

What can this upgrade do for you?

Quick and flexible hardware updates

  • Sensor design applicable to all engine types and oxidation catalysts
  • Mounting capability for engine or existing exhaust manifold

Seamless integration

  • Retrofittable to all Jenbacher control generations, including LEANOX*PLUS software update

Transparent and automatic report creation

  • Automatic—and customizable—comprehensive emissions report creation
  • Control system and myPlant storage capability

Simple to use

  • Visualization of all emissions data and access to reports in the myPlant APM solution, including emissions monitoring and notification

How we get you there?

As the original equipment manufacturer, our Jenbacher expertise delivers you:

  • Robust and flexible NOx sensor design
  • Flow adapter to avoid condensation and sensor damage
  • Flexible design that accommodates various mounting options
  • Catalyst sensor package, also applicable to third-party oxidation catalysts
  • Special flow adapter design for continuous, stable emissions measurement
  • Dynamic emissions control adjustment through LEANO PLUS software
  • Access from anywhere, through cloud-based report storage and emissions monitoring, with the myPlant APM solution
  • Local warnings on engine controller and additional automatic emission warning notification, via SMS or email enabled by myPlant
DIA.NE* XT DIA.NE XT3 DIA.NE XT4 Multi-Vendor1
Hardware NOx sensor
Catalyst sensor (optional)
XT4 Win Server
Data collector HMI (PLC)
Software LEANOXPlus
myPlant emission monitoring2

✔coming soon

myPlant fleet reporting ✔coming soon ✔coming soon ✔coming soon ✔coming soon



This multi-vendor solution also is applicable to Jenbacher legacy control systems.

The myPlant emissions monitoring, available free of charge through the myPlant Basic plan, requires internet connection.

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:


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