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Waukesha VHP Series Five

The Waukesha VHP Series Five rich-burn engines combine today´s advanced technology with 50 years of experience on the VHP platform. Available as a 1900 hp L7044GSI S5 and a 1500 hp L7042GSI S5, these Series Five reciprocating gas engines deliver up to 13% more power, better fuel flexibility, as much as 10% lower fuel consumption, up to 20% lower lifecycle costs, and over 30% longer service intervals.

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Industrial Gas Engines working Smarter...

Compared to previous version, the VHP Series Five gas engines are capable of higher power levels without increasing stresses on engine components. This is made possible by enhanced rich-burn combustion through the Miller cycle, a modified cylinder head, and an updated piston design.

Also used on the Waukesha P9394GSI engine, the Miller cycle moves work from the piston to the turbocharger, which reduces combustion and exhaust temperatures and improves fuel efficiency, making the L7044GSI S5 the most fuel efficient VHP engine ever.

The modified cylinder head design improves reliability and extends the life of the head by reducing key internal temperatures by up to 40%.

The Waukesha VHP Series Five piston design has been enhanced to reduce unburned hydrocarbons, lowering both emissions and fuel consumption. The piston itself operates at a lower temperature, improving fuel flexibility even at a higher power rating than previous models.

Improvements to the ignition system allow for 4,000-hour spark plug intervals with low-cost, non-precious metal plugs. Matching 4,000-hour oil change intervals reduce operating costs and trips to the site.

...not harder.

The 1500 hp L7042GSI S5 has the same displacement and is built with the same components as the 1900 hp L7044GSI S5. This means the L7042GSI S5 doesn’t need to run as hard, reducing engine stress, improving reliability, and extending service intervals. The L7042GSI S5 is the most flexible VHP engine ever.

The L7042GSI S5 does not have a fuel derate, so it can achieve the full 1500 hp rating on fuels up to 2350 Btu/ft3 LHV with ambient temperatures up to 120°F. Fuel consumption usually is reduced by more than 10%, while lifecycle costs are typically 20% lower than previous models. With the Waukesha L7042GSI S5 gas engine, you can be confident that the engine can provide a full 1500 hp rating and meet emissions at nearly every site when paired with a three-way catalyst.

VHP Series Five engines come standard with ESM*2, INNIO’s next-generation engine controller. With its 12-inch full color customer interface panel, the ESM2 allows you to see all engine parameters and trend data, view manuals, and walk through troubleshooting steps—all without the need for a laptop computer.

INNIO’s emPact emission control system is the option of choice for reducing emissions below 0.15 g/bhp-hr of NOx and 0.30 g/bhp-hr of CO, allowing more power on site without exceeding site emission limits. emPact optimizes the interactions among the Series Five engine, AFR2 air/fuel ratio control, and the INNIO-supplied three-way (NSCR) catalyst to maintain emissions compliance even as engine speed, load, fuel, and environmental conditions change.

For more information on the VHP Series Five engine, view our webinar.


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