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275GL+ w/ESM2 Engine

Built to Work
275GL+ w/ESM2 Engine

Breaking New Ground in High Horsepower Applications

For more than 100 years, Waukesha Engine has been committed to evolving engine technologies. Waukesha’s newest generation of the 275GL+ with ESM2 gas engine provides optimum performance in gas compression and other mechanical drive applications. Combining improved power and enhanced efficiency, the 275GL+ with ESM2 meets the constant demanded of today’s oil and gas industry.

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The 275GL+ with ESM2, available in 12-cylinder or 16-cylinder models, provides a high-performance and economical alternative for customers in the most remote and rugged applications by offering:


Lower Emissions

With the ability to operate on a variety of fuels and load profiles, improved fuel efficiency leads to low unburned methane and CO2 emissions. In addition, lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint than competitive engines reduce the effect on the environment.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

A low compression ratio piston design coupled with larger turbochargers and fuel flexibility, allow for higher power ratings. Maximize throughput with the 16-cylinder model, rated at 5,000 hp, and a 12-cylinder model, rated at 3,750 hp.

Advanced Controls

The ESM2 engine controller integrates engine functionality into a single, closed-loop system. Directly monitor and manage air/ fuel ratio control, wastegate control, turbocharger bypass control, ignition timing, and knock detection to make data driven and informed decisions.

Built to Work


with enhanced reliability, availability and efficiency.


with extended service intervals and comprehensive engine upgrades.


with enhanced controls and performance improvements through data analytics.


At Waukesha, we’re working every day to design and build engines and programs that help power your tomorrow.



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