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Waukesha myPlant* Asset Performance Management Software

Waukesha's myPlant Asset Performance Management Software allows you to maintain your equipment's operations anywhere, anytime.

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    Technology that works smarter for your fleet.

    Waukesha’s cloud-based myPlant Asset Performance Management solution (APM) provides preventative analytics for engines, compressors, and other oilfield equipment. This smart suite of analytics allows operators, maintenance professionals, and engineers to proactively monitor and optimize the performance of their compressor stations across the fleet, anytime and anywhere.

    With our myPlant APM Solution you can:

    • Drive reliability improvement with early issue detection based on our analytics or your own.
    • Improve efficiency with real-time monitoring using an easy-to-use, cloud-based system that is accessible anytime, anywhere - through a secure gateway by using a mobile app or web-based connection.
    • Improve productivity by requiring fewer station visits through remote issue resolution and troubleshooting.
    • Lower your operating costs through centralized fleet-level access to data, reduced manual data-logging, and automated reporting.
    “With our fleet spanning over a 100-mile remote footprint, we were in need of a solution to troubleshoot and avoid package downtime. The Waukesha myPlant APM system allows my crews to effectively and efficiently monitor and solve issues remotely using the iPhone app. With myPlant we’re able to monitor engine operations and identify issues before they become shutdowns. This provides us optimized maintenance, increased revenue, and higher operating hours.”                                                           

    Mike Jury, Operations and Maintenance Manager, High Point Resources


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    myPlant APM - Reliability Management Package



    Included in Package/Offering


    Asset health monitoring *

    Asset operating status 

    Operational data trends

    Controller alarms summary

    Mobility * Mobile app for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices
    Asset condition management

    Instant event push notification

    Reliability analytics pack

    Build your own analytics

    Lube oil analysis reports integration

    Add-on: Dependent on API availability from the lube oil lab

    Troubleshooting Toolkit

    Diagnostic workbench

    Integrated troubleshooting guidelines for controller alerts & trips

    For engines with ESM & ESM2 controllers

    Fleet / plant Management

    Fleet map with engine status

    Reliability / Availability / MTBF metrics

    Fleet metrics summary and reporting

    Asset and site key performance indicators

    * Available, on by case basis, as part of ‘myPlant Asset Visbility’ package


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