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myPlant: Proven digital technology for greater efficiency and uptime

At first, they seem like nothing—small deviations from an otherwise healthy engine operation. Fortunately, you have myPlant* Performance, INNIO’s cloud-based Asset Performance Management (APM) solution that gives you a whole new level of insight into the performance of your Jenbacher* industrial assets.

With myPlant Performance, you are in control of the operating performance and profitability of your gas engine or industrial assets.

Together with our 24/7 Technical Support team, you can detect and correct even the smallest deviations at an early stage.

But the benefits of myPlant Performance for your Jenbacher* engines don’t stop there. Through predictive monitoring of your engine’s health, our proven technology helps you turn your assets into insights, optimizing performance and avoiding onsite checks. With myPlant Performance, you can improve uptime and efficiency while reducing lifecycle costs—and you can manage all that wherever you are, whenever you want.

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evolve into unplanned events.

If you haven’t spoken to one of our INNIO representatives, reach out today to learn how myPlant Performance gives you the right information at the right time for your entire industrial site or gas engine.

But why myPlant Performance?

Because so many issues can be resolved remotely, you’ll avoid unnecessary travel costs for service personnel, and that means lower maintenance costs, too.

You can reduce operational uncertainties with continuous analysis using the myPlant Performance algorithms. Thanks to condition-based maintenance, your engine parts are only maintained or replaced when necessary.

And our technology is secure. Cybersecurity is a fundamental pillar in our operations: All transmitted data is strongly encrypted, stored securely and inaccessible to third parties, thanks to our security experts. Plus, we continuously monitor your data transmissions for you.

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Connected Asset Time

+ 1.7 million

Monitored Sensors

14-plus TB

of Data Processed
every year


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But what exactly does myPlant Performance offer?

Our cloud-based myPlant APM solution allows you to manage your assets securely and in real-time from everywhere. You can use your preferred device to easily access engine manuals, smart tools, and a centralized view of your fleet data.

With our site and asset dashboard, you get important engine information at a glance with a comprehensive overview detailing operational and performance data.

The dashboard shows engine information such as start success rate, operating hours, number of shutdowns and engine alarms. You'll receive both a simple fleet overview as well as deeper data exploration through individual reports for your connected fleet including alarms, power output and other operational data.

Automated email/mobile notifications give you operational data needed for early prediction of upcoming engine events. Customize your engine monitoring based on your business needs, and create your own notifications based on engine failure codes and operational data for user-defined monitoring.

Finally, myPlant Performance merges relevant information for your business from several data sources to one platform, such as automatic integration of oil and coolant reports from your laboratory, your engine documentation and maintenance plan.

And how does it work?

First, we find pattern deviation. myPlant Performance algorithms continuously analyze the data streamed from your engines to detect any deviations that could cause unplanned events. Based on the data from thousands of engines, these analytics algorithms distinguish patterns of healthy engine operations—and note when deviations occur.

Next, we help you act before an event takes place. When relevant deviations are detected, you are notified immediately via email or SMS. You receive instructions on what to do—before any unplanned events have occurred.

Finally, we predict parts lifetime. Analytics algorithms are used to predict the lifetime of engine spark plugs, lubricants and filters. By getting this information beforehand, you replace your consumables only when necessary, saving you time and money.

How does myPlant Performance work?

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    Digitization makes your plant fit for the future: and puts you in control of your engine's performance.


    We can solve more than 60% of your engine incidents remotely, reducing travel and maintenance costs and increasing uptime.


    Use your preferred device to manage your engine in real time.
    With us, you are always one step ahead: algorithms continuously evaluate your engine data, detect the smallest deviations at an early stage and can thus be solved

What are the latest myPlant Performance features?

With a focus on your satisfaction, we continue to work with you to evolve our technology solutions. The latest features for our Jenbacher myPlant APM solution include:

Emission Monitoring Dashboard

This dashboard is available if you have equipped your Jenbacher engine with NOx sensors. Offering a simple visualization of current average NOx value, it shows when the NOx limit was exceeded within the last 365 days, notifies you via SMS and/or email of relevant emission warnings, and provides daily and monthly emission reports.

Oil Analysis Reports

Thanks to collaborations with several oil laboratories around the world, myPlant directly receives oil analysis reports. It then processes and details the information in a comprehensive overview that shows all historic oil analysis results. In addition, based on the received data, myPlant notifies you when poor oil conditions are detected and reminds you to schedule your oil sampling.

Custom Event Monitoring

Every engine site has different needs and monitoring requirements. myPlant allows you to create your own events to track specific engine data and alarms. Once set up, these events can trigger notifications via SMS or email, are stored as historical data items, and also appear in your alarms overview page.

myPlant Performance:
Proven digital technology

for greater efficiency and uptime —all while you lower your costs

Visit the myPlant homepage

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