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Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Balancing Power Operation

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Balancing Power Operation

  • Enhance Operational Flexibility
  • Increase Uptime

INNIO's* Jenbacher* gas engines meet all the demands of balancing services.

They are ideally suited to the efficient provision of balancing services, making a significant contribution to grid stabilization.

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Balancing Power Operation

Make sure this upgrade is compatible with your engine:

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Flexible remote feed-in power management.
  • Balancing output and consumption for a stabilized power grid.
  • Activation of power reserves within seconds and minutes to ensure a stable power grid.

How we get you there?

The balancing power operation upgrade can be applied at any time and fulfills remote feed-in power management requirements of local grid operators.

Types of balancing power:

Primary balancing service—can be activated within seconds, in proportion to the frequency deviation and covers spontaneous fluctuations in the power grid.

Secondary balancing service—can counterbalance prolonged fluctuations. This reserve power must be completely fed into the grid within five minutes.

Tertiary balancing service—must be fully available within 15 minutes and compensates for fluctuations in power demand  until a stable supply has been restored.

Typical engine upgrade scope:

  • Control software modification
  • OEM documentation update

Why Jenbacher Services?

Enhanced Efficiency and Lower Lifecycle Costs

Bringing proven outcomes across the life cycle of your engines means greater engine efficiency, reduced fuel usage and optimized maintenance intervals via our Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades offerings.

Lower Emissions

Emissions can be reduced with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems for example, oxidation or SCR catalysts, helping to meet emission regulations.


Best combined with your next service event or overhaul, our upgrades use only certified OEM parts for and are always based on your specific applications.

Controls and Asset Performance Management

Manage, monitor and control your engine. Our Controls simplify proactive maintenance planning and with myPlant, you can remotely calculate plant performance every day, with real-time intelligence.


Your local power generation experts.

Jenbacher gas engines have been delivered in 100-plus countries.



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