Making coal mining cleaner.

They are a big win for the coal mine industry. And they are a big win for the environment. They are specially modified Jenbacher gas engines.

Mining coal is a dangerous, dirty job, with the methane gas byproduct usually vented to the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. But with INNIO's Jenbacher gas engines, mining operators can capture hazardous coal mine gas and use it to generate more than enough heat and power for safer, more efficient and environmentally friendlier mining operations. And excess heat and power can then be routed to a district heating system and public utility grid to earn additional revenue.


  • Enhance mine worker safety
  • Deploy optional gas conditioning
  • Harness methane as an alternative energy source
  • Benefit from flexible contractual service agreements
  • Avoid the need to dispose of harmful and explosive coal mine gas
  • Reduce energy production footprint with compact low-weight units
  • Operate smoothly even with fluctuations in gas pressure and content
  • Yield up to 43% electrical efficiency and as high as 90% for CHP systems
  • Earn carbon credits, reduce tariffs, and profit from selling excess heat and power to public utilities

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