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Take a new direction with combined heat and power.

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It’s a simple idea: if you can’t get to the power source, bring the power source to where you need it, onsite. With INNIO's products you benefit from intelligent onsite combined heat and power (CHP) generation for municipal districts, manufacturing plants, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, data centers, sports arenas, universities, hotels, office buildings—anywhere you need it.

CHP generation saves approximately 40% of fuel compared to separate generation, and building CHP systems where or near they are used avoids significant supply and distribution losses. INNIO's Jenbacher gas engines can generate CHP efficiencies up to 90%. Now that’s intelligent.


  • Yield up to 48% electrical efficiency and as high as 90% for CHP systems
  • Lower your operating and investment costs
  • Get access to electricity and heat in the short term
  • Containerized, ready-to-use solutions
  • Select from a wide range of heat and power outputs
  • Minimize footprint with compact design
  • Operate safely with excellent reliability
  • Generate steam if needed

INNIO’s engineers will help you to select gas engines that suit your company’s energy needs.
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