Welland, Canada

Newest INNIO factory in Welland, Ontario.
500,000 square feet and more than 200 employees.

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INNIO location Welland

Worldwide, roughly 29,000 of INNIO’s fuel-flexible Waukesha gas engines have been delivered to nearly 80 countries and almost every state in the US. And now, Welland, Ontario—just across the Canadian border from Buffalo, NY—is home to a new manufacturing facility for INNIO’s Waukesha gas engines business unit. This greenfield site—spread over roughly 500,000 square feet—ultimately will accommodate more than 200 employees. It began manufacturing and shipping Waukesha units to customers in August 2018.

As a production facilities for Waukesha gas engines, Welland is helping to meet the needs of the rapidly growing global gas compression industry. That is why employees are constantly innovating, pushing the boundaries of rich-burn engine performance to help meet customers’ compression needs in the most complex parts of the oil and gas industry—the midstream segment.

Translating Innovation into Reality

INNIO’s fuel-flexible Waukesha gas engines are built for reliable gas compression in isolated, mission-critical and demanding applications—gathering, processing and transmitting as much gas as possible in a timely and environmentally sustainable way, even under high-stress conditions.

At INNIO’s manufacturing facility in Welland, we’ve combined decades of experience building innovative industrial machines, lean manufacturing and optimal productivity processes with advanced software analytics to operate leaner, faster, and more efficiently. And, we use a collaborative style of participatory management in which employee teams are empowered as decision-makers.

It’s a Way of Life

Welland offers INNIO a collaborative community environment ideal for talented employees, with access to excellent local universities and technical schools, and an attractive energy management program under the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI).

As an international company, INNIO takes our responsibility to society seriously. Active in our community, we encourage employees to volunteer in their local communities as well. Our health initiatives, designed to support and motivate employees to live healthier lives,  include sporting activities, healthy nutrition and healthier bodies.

200 Buchner Rd
L3B 5N4 Welland, ON


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